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I found out I have Hashimotos

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroid disease. This diagnosis almost didn't happen. I had no idea that just having a routine thyroid scan doesn't always tell the full story. Even though my thyroid hormone levels came back as normal I still had some questions. I had been struggling with fatigue, weight loss and hair loss. My doctor happened to mention that there was an additional antibody test available although he doubted it would show us anything. When I got the call that confirmed I did come up positive for the antibodies that show my body is actually attacking my thyroid. It really shouldn't have shocked me as I knew there was something wrong but it still floored me to hear those words.

The one positive I felt was that my T3 and T4 levels are normal enough I don't have to go on meds just yet. Given this opportunity I have been doing research and checking in with other friends who are struggling with autoimmune disease about self healing and a holistic approach to dealing with my new condition.

One of the biggest shocks I have found is that our cosmetic and personal care industry is a huge contributor to the build up of toxins that make a direct impact on our health and energy. I have heard about Beauty Counter previously from another friend with a different autoimmune disorder. Although I wanted too and mostly do try to use natural and ethical companies and products as a makeup artist I always prioritized performance over safety. So it just wasn't a priority. Until unfortunate it just wasn't an option to ignore or procrastinate on.

Beauty counter is one of the leaders in the clean beauty industry. They are heavily involved politically pushing for change here in America. The European Union as banned 1400 chemicals for use in cosmetics and personal care. The United States has 30...... Yes that is right!! Not only that but we haven't banned a chemical since 1938. Well at least radium isn't legal.

Looking through some of my own personal care I found a body oil from Neutrogena that contains BHT a preservative that causes thyroid issues. I have been rubbing that all over my entire body for almost a year after the shower. It literally takes 26 seconds for a topical chemical to reach your bloodstream. So it went immediately into the trash can. I have been going through my personal and professional kits to clean up and educate myself. The best thing I think about Beauty Counters products are that I don't have to worry or question anything I buy from them. They have a list of 1800 on The Never List. They also are one of the only companies that engage in independent third party testing to verify each of their products safety.

Even though this entire thing has felt overwhelming and even depressing at times. I do find hope in the possibility of remission and healing. I am a rep for Beauty Counter so I can help you with any questions or recommendations for their products. I also started a Facebook group page so I can share information about the best companies and products as far as performance and safety goes and any good promotions or even just beauty and skincare tips.

Please join me here!!

Clean Beauty with Josephine Love

You can purchase Beauty Counter via my link here

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