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henna brows


Henna brows are the perfect solution for almost everyone!  Not ready for permanent makeup?  This is temporary and fades away with no commitment.  It is a much better and longer lasting brow tint especially for those pesky white and grey hairs.  Great for men and teens as well.  Going on vacation? Get them done before you go.  Permanent makeup should be done after you get back due to the damage UV rays have on a fresh tattoo.  Combined with a brow lamination its the perfect brow makeover you have been dreaming of.


You should not have had a brow tint with metallic hair dye in the last 3 months as this can cause a chemical reaction. 







Looking for a new you? This deluxe brow makeover includes waxing, lamination, henna as well as a brow makeup and grooming tutorial. May not be suitable for all skin or hair types consultation is required.


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