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WHAT IS permanent makeup,cosmetic tattooing, micro-pigmentation?


Cosmetic tattooing is an ancient art form and thanks to new techniques and the evolution of our industry and equipment, it can be even more natural and realistic than ever before.  Using a wide variety of tools and techniques we are able to simulate hair stroke eyebrows, beautiful lasting eyeliner, and natural looking lash enhancement and even reshape and define your lips.  Micropigmentation is meant to augment your natural beauty and simplify your daily beauty routine.


Permanent makeup varies depending on your individual body chemistry, lifestyle and ethnic background.  Every client heals differently.  This is why each new service includes two sessions in the price.  It is essential to assess color retention and shape.  Cosmetic tattooing is not an exact science but an art form.  Some clients may not need their secondary session at all while other may need to come in for additional touch up sessions.  The cost for this is $75.00 within 90 days from the last session.


While any skin pigmentation procedure will have some measure of discomfort, we are able to use quality topical anesthetics prior to and during the procedure.  Ensuring clients will be as comfortable as possible.  Each clients pain tolerance is different, but every effort will be made to keep you comfortable.  Clear communication throughout the process is part of that effort.


Although sometimes referred too as semi-permanent the better word to use is permanent makeup.  Even though cosmetic tattooing differs from traditional body art and does fade, usually within 1-3 years it is still the process of planting pigment under your skin.  The likelihood that there may be a bit of color left even after years is high.  That being said we do actually want to see this fade over time.  It allows for small changes over the years as your skin and personal style change.  It also ages better than older permanent makeup techniques that do not tend to age well.


MICROBLADING, nano hair strokes, OMBRE powder AND MICROFUSION?

What is the difference between microblading and microfusion?  Permanent makeup is essentially tattooing.  Microblading is a manual method. Using hand tools, artists can create beautiful hair stroke detailed brows.  Nano hair strokes is done using a high quality digital micro-pigmentation device to draw each individual hair with nano sized needles.  This is best for sensitive skin, melanin rich skin and oily skin types.  Microfusion method uses both the digital machine and/or microblade hand tool we can create the most realistic and long lasting hybrid brow.  Powder brows can be done in a variety of finishes, sheer and soft or sharp and defined.  An ombre powder brow can be done using any of the techniques but showing a definite gradient to the color and definition. Depending on your skin type desired results I can recommend the best option for your brows.


Permanent makeup is an art form.  When researching who to choose for your procedure there are a few important things to look for are their history in the beauty industry.  Their training. Many microbladers have had only 1-2 days worth of training skipping an essential fundamental training in cosmetic tattooing.  As of yet this industry has very little regulation over all and it is up to you as a client to do your research.  Sanitation, does your artist use hospital grade disinfectants?  Are they changing their gloves frequently to prevent cross contamination?  Do they have their blood born pathogen certification?  Sanitation is a crucial point to pay attention to when you meet your artist.  Most importantly you aren't just looking for a good artist but the right artist for you.  One who's work reflects the style and finish you are looking for.

who is a good candidate?

Consultations are highly recommended as their are some clients who may not be good candidates for these services that include but are not limited to anyone who is...

-Pregnant or nursing

-Currently undergoing chemo therapy or otherwise immune compromised

-Uncontrolled diabetic

-Anyone on Accutane within the last 6 months


-Going on a trip that will include a lot of sun exposure within a month

Please contact me for a more detailed list of restrictions.

Preparing for your session

Please no alcohol the night before and minimal caffeine the day of


Stop taking fish oil supplements at least a week prior to your appointment.  Shampoo your hair that morning. No waxing, peels, laser, microneedling or otherwise skin damaging treatments 2-4 weeks prior to your appointment ask for further instructions. Let your hair grow in as much as possible so I can see them in their natural state. I also recommend sleeping on a silk or satin pillow case.


NO LASH SERUMS!!!  This is extremely important you must stop any lash growth serum at least 4 weeks prior to your appointment.  These serums boost the blood supply to your lash line and will complicate your procedure.  No lash extensions, these harbor bactieral near your lash line.  You must wait at least 2 weeks post procedure to have them applied as well. Remove contacts and bring your eye glasses if needed.  No lash extensions until you are healed from both first and second sessions.  If you have an eye disorder please consult your optometrist before booking. 


The most important thing you need to do prior to a lip procedure is EXFOLIATE!  For a few days leading up to your appointment you will exfoliate and hydrate your lips twice a day.  This will help so much with not only the healing process but also color retention and finish of your lips. Also if you have or have ever had cold sores you must get on an antiviral medication from your doctor at least a week post procedure.  Disposable cold compresses and straws are helpful when healing.  

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