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Anyone who is pregnant or nursing, undergoing chemotherapy (Consult with you doctor). Viral infections (diseases) Had Botox, skin lasers, micro needling, chemical peels or any other intense skin treatment within a 2 week period of appointment. Facial filler within 2 months. If you have had an organ transplant, diabetes, anemia

epilepsy, sick with a cold or flu-like virus you may need to speak with your doctor or refrain from PMU for a determined amout of time. Used Accutane in the past 6 months.  You must wait 2 weeks post COVIID vaccine if you are planning on getting it.  


Stop using any skin thinners like retinoids, peels, exfoliations, micro needling and laser treatments two weeks prior to your appointment. No waxing facials or brow tinting at least 2 days before. No alcohol within 24 hours and no pain reducers or caffeine that day. No Botox or fillers at least two months prior at Botox can change the natural placement of your brows. People are often more sensitive to pain around they periods please keep this in mind when booking your appointment. Skin must be intact and free of any blemishes, burns, sores or other skin conditions or we will have to reschedule you.  Please let us know in advance.


There are multiple client intake forms that need to be filled out in advance of your appointment. Please click the button below to access your forms.  Please choose the correct form to your procedure and let us know if you have any questions. 



Preprocedural- No alcohol the night before and minimal caffeine the day of. Stop fish oil supplements at least 3 days prior. No Botox at least 2 months prior, no peels, IPL lasers, facials treatments, sun tanning, or any other services that might compromise the skin at least two weeks prior. No Accutane for 6 months prior. 


What to expect

The Don’ts- No dirty fingers touching your new brows. No sweating, no intense exercise, going for a walk or gentle stretching is okay. No sun tanning or bathing for at least 1 month post as the UV rays can change your pigment color. No dirty jobs like gardening or cleaning out your basement. No hot water on your face in the shower, no makeup, skincare or SPF on the brows until healed. You will know its healed when all of the little flakes (micro scabs are done sloughing off)


The Do’s- Wash your brows twice a day. At the sink with lukewarm water.  Use the gentle soap provided. You can use your clean fingers to apply in a soft circular motion.  Minimal soap is best. You can also use a damp cotton round and apply the soap to the center of the round with very gentle pressure making sure not to scrub any scabs off with the round. Rinse the soap off and pat dry with a clean tissue or paper towel (something disposable).  Then apply just a grain of rice or two worth of the ointment provided.  



Preprocedural-If you are prone to cold sores ask your physician for an antiviral before and after your appointment. This is critical as the trauma to the skin can and most likely will trigger an outbreak. This during the healing process will leach color out and may leave the lips looking uneven.  It is essential you exfoliate and moisturize your lips the week leading up to your appointment. Even just using a toothbrush and coconut oil with sugar to remove dead skin would work. You can use a good quality lip balm or Aquaphor to moisturize. If you are chapped and dry we will have to reschedule your appointment and you will forfeit your deposit.

The Don'ts- No rubbing your lips together, no hot drinks, spicy foods, oily foods or alcohol. Use a straw to drink from if possible. Pat your mouth with napkins no rubbing. No CarMax or other lip balm with salicylic acid in the ingredients. No kissing.


The Do’s- Keep them well hydrated for the next 2 weeks. Use the ointment provided for at least the first 3 days, you may switch to your preferred lip balm afterwards just check the ingredients for an exfoliant.


In person consultations are always recommended for eyeliner procedure

You can carefully ice the area if needed within 24 hours of the procedure. Use a clean bag or ice pack and do not press it directly on to the area that was tattooed. No makeup or skincare on or close to the area tattooed. 

Healing usually occurs within 5-7 days but can take longer depending on your skin. You will see flaking and tiny scabs that will slough off on its own. Never pick or scratch them.  The color will fade as it is healing and look patchy. This is normal and some of the color will return as it finishes its healing cycle. 

Wash twice a day with gentle soap provided in your aftercare or a baby soap. Wash in the sink not the shower or bath. With clean hands and closed eyes using a gentle circular motion and luke warm water. Wash gently, rinse gentle and blot dry with a paper towel. Apply a small amount of ointment. Do this twice a day until healed. 

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