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Apprenticeship program

Learn from an experienced artist in a one or three month apprenticeship program. Ethical affordable and in depth training one on one. In person and virtual options.

Permanent makeup falls somewhere between a traditional tattooing and what would be a more aesthetics.  Tattoo artists apprenticeships can last 1-2 years sometimes. Cosmetology or ethician course can last 3-9 months. PMU training is often offered in one or two days with a high dollar price tag designed to make the most amount of money with the least amount of time invested.  Selling overpriced equipment with flamboyant claims. Unfortunately, in my opinion this has led to the oversaturation of our industry with poorly trained artists and many people who've paid thousands of dollars for training they won't ever be able to use practically.

That is why I have chosen to make these hybrid apprenticeships available for a reasonable cost and with an investment of my time in the hopes of supporting deeper understanding and ethical training that is good for the PMU community as a whole. 

One month apprenticeship brows

Three-month apprenticeship covering brows lips and eyeliner.


Additional training available for more in depth subjects for previous students and artists who have already completed a foundational class somewhere else.

Includes a text and workbook. in person and virtual meetings.  In person viewing procedures and assisted procedures.

Some of the techniques covered.

Nano hair stroke, microblading, ombre powder, hybrid, eyeliner, lash enhancement, lip blushing, scar camouflage, freckles, saline removal, different mapping methods, understanding inks, medications, medical issues, different healing methods, mature skin, dark skin, color theory and intuitive color mixing. Advice on machines supplies and inks with my favorite suppliers. How to keep client records, take photos and promote yourself.

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