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Diversity unity and respect

I have been waiting to say something formally on the subject of the protests and BLM movement until I felt like I could share something that was true to who I am and that might be at all meaningful to others reading it. This time of our life has been such an inspiring scary and revolutionary moment and I am glad to be here alive and sharing it, all good and bad with all of you. Diversity is and has always been humankind's strength. Unity has to win out above all the evil in the world. I have been so blessed to know and love some amazing black men, women and children. I hope to be an blessing support and well of love for them and the broader community as they have been for me. Growing up all over the United States I have seen so many different cultures, ways of life and peoples from all over the world. As dark as these times are I have a strong faith and love in us as a human race and I know we can all come together to bring a new light of love and respect into this imperfect world. We will over come this and I am not afraid of the future. I want all of you to know how much I love all of you and appreciate every single person in my life. I don't always feel comfortable sharing my inner life and thoughts on social media as it can feel contrived and not authentic to me at times. But I promise to do and keep doing my part to help lift and love those who need it and know in my chest beats the red blood of my ancestors who fought and struggled to survive. That is alive and well within me.

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